Linearity's modulation, a collapsed linearity diagram



This platform may be considered as an ongoing research, a work, a collection, an archive, an experiment, a discussion or a dialog. I don't really care how it’s qualified and you shouldn't either.


It is a chance to bring together people, practices, concepts, sources and topics; a research presentation which - unlike a conference, a finished exhibition or a book - allows for an evolutive line of thought and continuous reading. It grows with every new connection and voice, following the subjective interests of its author.


The form of this research expresses the essence of the analyzed object; it is able to integrate a large number of both physical and virtual eclectic practices. To echo the mobility and fluidity of virtual networks, the research evolves in fragments and reshapes whenever it needs to... its intention is to keep all fields open.


It also allows for different kinds of reading: the deep and contextualized reading of the peer visitor and the reading of the visitor who drifts, the non-specialist who is more interested in discovering the topic and in becoming familiar with it.


The first will find texts in their full versions, contextualized references and useful material. The second will be invited to follow intuition. To seek and to search, like in a game, or like an archaeologist – without knowing exactly what and where meanings will reveal themselves and make sense.


For both, it's a question of self-education: to make one’s own conclusions in a true network politic which hopes that all are capable of creating links, appropriating tools and developing independent reflections.


It is a tool.


First developed for the exhibition HTWW [] the project is run by Roxane Bovet. In November 2017, it will integrate a series of collaborations with six young Swiss artists whose practices are linked with the social, economic, ethical or aesthetic transformations led by the network and digital medias: Yoan Mudry, Nastasia Meyrat, Daniel V. Keller, and more coming.




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This project has received curatorial research project support from Pro Helvetia.

"yeah it's not a very high level english hu"

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This is the template for the language I would like to communicate in, a language that is not policed by formerly imperial, newly global corporations, nor by national statistics–a language that takes on & confronts issues of circulation, labor & privileges (or at least manages to say something at all) a language that is not a luxury commodity nor a national birth right, but a gift, a theft, an excess or waste made between Skopje & Saigon by interns & non-resident alien on emoji keyboards.

Thanks Hito I couldn't have said it better.